Saturday, 29 October 2011

kenangan terakhir adalah yang paling istimewa .

this is our last memory , that i still keep it on my lappy ..
everything has been deleted , since 1st day we're not being a BFF .
sweet kan ?
but its just a MEMORY .
semalam aku saja tengok tengok pic dalam folder aku ,
then i found this pic ..
hurmmm ...
hey beb . i just want u to know ,that u are the most sweet guy that i ever know .
if one day, i must find someone that can be my new BFF , that person must be exactly like u.
no matter , how TERUK perangai u , macam mana mengadanya u ,
and macam mana sakitnya hati sepanjang being your BFF ,
till i sendiri yang memutuskan semua ini .
n macam mana teruknya i dikutuk sebab kan u ,
but the IMPORTANT thing is , ur the one make me smile . (=

#broken English , but i think its okay .. ^^
sekadar luahan perasaan ...

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