Sunday, 12 February 2012

stay away from me .

Yes mom , i know i cant be great daughter. But i've tried . Sorry coz always make a trouble in our family . I know , i'm a trouble maker in our family n i always give a problem . But please , i just need you to understand me . I've tried mom , but this is my life . My true life . I cant be someone else , i have to be my self . Whatever i do , whenever i go you're the first thing in my minds . I know , its all my fault . But im an ordinary person just like everyone . Trust me please , i'll take care of my ownself , because of you . I won't do something that can make you dissapointed with me , even i cant be a great daughter like them .

Thankz Allah , untuk segala ujian yang datang serentak . Kalau nie lah cara Kau nak bagi petunjuk dekat aku , thankz . Aku terima seadanya ..

Mom , one thing that i always hope . I need you to trust me , whatever i do . Sorry for everything that i've done . Sorry for all my fault .. Pray for me , i'll try to be your great daughter and great person in my whole life . But the only person can help me is YOU . Sorry again ..

Masalah masalah , could u please stay away from me ?

Tak cukup dengan masalah kat sini , kenapa mesti bertambah lagi .. Aku dah cukup tensyen dengan situasi kat sini , kenapa lah bertambah lagi . Berapa lama agaknya aku boleh bertahan dengan segala masalah nie ?? Allah , kuatkan aku ..

Thankz again sebab uji aku dengan segala kesusahan nie ..

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